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I Will Die Young — How Do I Fight for Hope? // Ask Pastor John

A video published by Desiring God on December 7th, 2018

When the prognosis is an early death, how can we live in a courageous manner that honors to God and refuses to be jaded toward him? Today’s question comes to us from a listener named Scott. “Pastor John, based on a recent medical diagnosis and due to my life circumstances, the likelihood that I will reach middle age is slim. “I’m in my late twenties. My brother died at 18. This prospect has caused me to go through battles of trusting God and fighting off depression. I understand God is sovereign, and I have no right to ask why he’s made me this way. I look forward to being made perfect, but until then how can I live out the rest of my life in a courageous manner that is honoring to him? How do I prevent the prospect of a premature death from turning me jaded toward our sovereign Lord?” Episode 1286: “How Do I Overcome My Fear of Death?” “Glorifying God in Unshakable Grief” “What Hope Does God Offer in My Depression?” “When God Answers ‘No’ to Our Prayers” Ask Pastor John Playlist: Find other recent and popular Ask Pastor John episodes,

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